KinesteX invites companies to sell their workouts, plans, trainings on “Content based subscription model”

KinesteX Collaborators can earn for every 1000 paying users. They will receive 70% post taxes and 95% on merch sold

Online Fitness and Physio - KinesteX

Why Partners Choose Us? Some Reasons:

Online Fitness and Physio - KinesteX

We're quick to act and eager to seize new opportunities.

Online Fitness and Physio - KinesteX

We are listening to the opinion and needs of our partners

Online Fitness and Physio - KinesteX

24/7 technical and support team

Online Fitness and Physio - KinesteX

We can easily adjust to each partner's needs and offer tailored solutions

Let me introduce with our Partners:



Medical center

GORLAB is the place where you can get tests at an affordable price, make a doctor's appointment, or listen to good music. We use technology that meets national standards. Based on a general analysis, you can see what state your body is in. GORLAB: More than just tests

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An ecosystem which supports people to take full charge of their health using educations, tools, services, and products, so that they can live a long healthy and productive life. Integrated and holistic approach, as various streams of wellness practices on one platform.

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Prana Connect


PranaConnect is a service that provides Pranic Healers with information and connections to the Business Development Accelerator Program for Pranic Healers and the American Pranic Healing Association. Our dedicated volunteers offer assistance via a self-serve knowledge base, chat, and email channels.

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