Revolutionizing physiotherapy & wellness
routines with AI

KinesteX allows you to work out at the comfort of your home with AI-guided physio & wellness plans.
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White label your solution for your clinic, wellness service, and influencers, supercharged by KinesteX AI

The new way to get feedback

KinesteX's computer vision technology features real-time, automated exercise feedback, and objective function assessment.

Effortlessly & securely share workout activity

KinesteX lets you seamlessly share your workout data with your health instructor. Health instructors can easily assign workout plans to their clients.

Our workout plans are aimed at all parts of the body

Leg mobilization

Full Recovery of Meniscus
Herniated Disc Recovery
Lower back strengthening
Reconstruction of the Anterior cruciate ligament
Neck stimulation

How it works

Complete survey

Complete the survey and browse through a collection of workouts tailored to your needs.

Start workout

Grant access to the camera and start the recommended workout with real-time AI feedback

Share your data

After you grant permission, your data will be shared automatically with your physiotherapist.


How to become a member?

To become a part of us just fill out the form below. We will process your request and get back to you!

Who we are?

We are a team of 15 people changing the way clinics and hospitals interact with the patients as well as patients perform the workouts to recover better after surgery or trauma. 

Our team is small, but we believe that KinesteX will revolutionize modern physical therapy and change the world!

Our goals are global and our audience is vast!

How to use it?

Simply download the app from the AppStore or Google Play and sign in. After a short survey, our AI will make a workout plan for you. You can choose any exercise, press start and put the phone 3-4 meters away from you, so that you are in the frame of the camera. Enjoy!

How it works?

Choose the workout and start. AI recognizes the user through the camera. Our AI model evaluates and provides real-time feedback to users.

Will my data not fall into the wrong hands? 

No. All your data stays on your phone. KinesteX works even when it is offline. The only thing a person can access is your training statistics. And that would be your personal doctor.

How do you do it?

In KinesteX we built the fastest artificial intelligence modelfor real-time posture assessment that uses GPU for better performance. Calculation accuracy over 95%.
In addition, AI models perform real-time analysis and prediction of the movements and Text-to-speech AI model guides and corrects the users.

Who designed the training plans?

We cooperate with leading experts in this field from different countries: UAE, Belarus, Turkmenistan, USA. All the training plans are designed by professionals with great experience and have been tested positively on many people.

What if your trainings hurt me?

Our exercises have been compiled by professionals and made so that the risks are minimal. However, we strongly recommend that you consult with your physician.

Do you have any validation?

Absolutely yes! We are trusted by many physical therapists and instructors. We are also trusted by clinics such as Excelency in UAE.

Is it possible to make an individual plan?

Yes. We are looking for partnerships with different clinics and giving everyone the opportunity to add their own workout programs.

What are the terms of cooperation?

Every partnership deal is discussed personally. But we assure you that we have something to interest you. Email us at

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